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TAX logic are a team of online & mobile tax agents that specialise in PAYG Individual Income Tax Return preparation.

When is my Tax Return Due for Lodgement with the ATO?

The due date for lodging your tax return is fast running out:

  • 31 October 2022 (if you lodge your tax return yourself);
  • 17 May 2023 (if you are on our Tax Agent Lodgement List before 31 October 2022)

2022 Work From Home Tax Deductions

For the 2022 Tax Year, the ATO has made working from home a Covid-19 Tax Deduction.

  • 1) The $0.80 cents per work hour method - This method doesn’t require you to have a dedicated work area, such as a private study. If you use this method, you can't claim any other expenses for working from home for that period.
  • 2) The $0.52 cents per work hour method – this method requires a dedicated work area, and you can claim for additional expenses incurred like phone, internet, stationery, computer consumables and depreciation of office equipment.

Where applicable, we will calculate both Work From Home methods and claim the highest tax deduction in your 2022 Individual Tax Return.

Need help completing your 2022 Individual Tax Return and Work from Home Tax Deduction? Click on the “Send it In” blue box at the bottom of this page (“Online Tax Agent”) or you can use the Contact Us page and complete your details that way.

Need help Preparing Your Individual Tax Return?

TAX logic will assist you with the income tax treatment of:

  • Missing PAYG Payment Summaries
  • Employment Termination Payments (ETPs) and Redundancy Tax Treatments
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Work Related Tax Deductions 
  • Work From Home Tax Deduction Calculations
  • Self-Education Deductions
  • Travel Expenses
  • Car Expense Calculations
  • Depreciation of Office Equipment
  • Residency Status for Taxation Purposes

Whatever your tax query, TAX logic will take the time to work through your concerns, lodging your tax return accurately and on time, ensuring you have claimed the maximum tax deductions you are entitled to so that you can receive the highest tax refund possible.

What Documents Do I Need To Give You:

  • PAYG Payment Summaries 
  • Details of any Allowances Received (Car, Phone Meals, Travel etc) 
  • Interest Income Details 
  • Dividend Statements 
  • Managed Funds Annual Statements 
  • Rental Property Annual Summaries 
  • Details of any Work Deductions you think are relevant 
  • Private Health Insurance Annual Tax Statement 
  • HECS / HELP Statement from the ATO 
  • Copy of your Last Tax Return lodged or Notice of Assessment (if available) 
  • Tax File Number 
  • Full Name 
  • Current Address 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Job Description / Industry 
  • Copy of Drivers Licence or Passport for Identification Purposes

How Long Will It Take To Get My Tax Refund?

  • We try to complete PAYG Tax Returns the same day they are received 
  • You should allow 10 working days for the Tax Office to process your Tax Return and issue your Tax Assessment 
  • We then deduct our Fee from your Tax Refund and transfer the balance of your tax refund into your Bank Account

Do My Tax !!!

Because TAX logic understand that it is not always possible to take time off from work to go see your Accountant,  we made Tax Service easier for you:

1. Mobile Tax Agent - our mobile tax agent service means we come to you (your home or office)
2. Online Tax Agent - email us your tax documents as a pdf for fast affordable tax service

TAX logic are a team of online & mobile tax agents offering both business and after hours services for PAYG Individual Income Tax Return preparation.

All TAX logic tax agents hold either Chartered Accountant or CPA qualifications.

TAX logic are a team of online & mobile tax agents offering both business and after hours services for PAYG Individual Income Tax Return preparation.

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